grown up

by Toy Stories

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The EP grown up collects five previously-released tracks and two new songs.

Included in the download are cover images for each track.

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released May 26, 2011

Created by Simon Hunt




Toy Stories Georgia

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Track Name: willful child
long ago
my childhood
I always felt I was above

nothing like
all of them
I would be something

looking at
grownups then
I couldn't understand why they

what they were
for who knows what

looking back
on my life
I think I understand how I

outgrew that
to who knows what
Track Name: I saw you
I noticed you
looking at me
in that coffee shop
up on Clark

I wasn't sure at first
could it be
we had a moment there
I felt a spark

I saw you

If you're interested
let's meet up
at the library
near North Beach

You will know me by
my brown scarf
and I'll be browsing through
the microfiche
Track Name: something to say
we walk along in nervous silence
"Have you eaten here before?"
"I've heard good things about their seafood."
"Oh, I'm vegetarian."

we wait for thirty minutes
the place is hot
and we feel cramped

I don't think we will
make it through the night
my desperation
is obvious now
sweat is pouring out
through my shirt
what could he(she)
possibly see in me

my fork trawls through the pad thai
while I grasp for things to say
the couple next to us
are talking too loud
wow, that guy is such a bro

oh, I wish I had something to say
Track Name: rooftop
standing on the corner
waiting for the bus
looking at my watch
trying to make my way to you

I swipe my card and take a seat
glance around try not to meet
the wild stare of the haggard man across the aisle
looking at my feet
trying to make my way to you

standing on your roof
the moon reflecting on the lake
looking at your eyes
trying to make my way to you
Track Name: river of aging
some days it's

to sit
in a chair

and look
at my hand

cracks and lines
fork out

digging through my skin

river of aging